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Romance Writing Prompts

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Are you a beginning or an already practicing writer of novels and stories. Are you a writer for different genre looking for a new angle in writing. Maybe you already had in mind the idea of writing romance stories or novels. The you have come to the right place. The following are some of the most creative approaches to starting a catchy and interesting romance story.

When writing romance novels or stories, a twist at the start of the story is one of the things you should aim to portray. For instance, you write a story about two very close friends who despite trying a couple have not been successful at in getting the right partners. They decide to try dating and the twist comes in when they have absolutely no chemistry. The twist also comes in when you bring up the unlikely in a situation. For instance, you can start your story when a couple is at the altar exchanging their vows. Then out of nowhere, it occurs to the bride various challenges of marriage such as this happy couple facing divorce. You can pick up the story from their.

When writing romance stories, another good approach to use is the hidden lies or events of the past affecting the present of two people. For instance, a good approach would begin by a happy couple meeting and getting married. Later on they come to realize that one of them is a murderer. What happens next is up to your creative mind to tailor. Another approach that can involve people's pasts and their effects on the present is as explained here. The story begins by a girl or boy who had been in love with a high school friend but the feelings were never mutual until they crossed paths later on in life. You can then proceed to explain how the chemistry develops between these two.

Another approach to writing romance stories is top start of at a very unromantic and unrelated event. This event can however be so significant in one of the persons lives in such a way that they end up finding ways to share a love. For instance, you can begin your story by the guy being hit by the girls car. Then you can pick up the story from their. Another approach that is at a more personal level is something like beginning with the phrase, " i was disgusted the smell that came from her every pore". The story can be continued from their showing how these two unlikely people later on discover chemistry between each other.

When writing romance stories, another useful approach is where the two people share a tragic event that bring them together and they later on get to discover chemistry there is. A good example is when two people are stuck at an old abandoned house. Spending the scary and terrifying night together in brings them closer. Another approach can be when your two to-be lovers are the lone survivors of a shipwreck. The two find love as they try to survive in the face of disaster. This event does not necessarily have to be tragic. The story can be based on two strangers meeting at an addiction recovery group meeting and the connection that unravels as one of them shares his or her story. The other stranger in the room can be one to relate so closely that the event of chemistry developing between them is undeniable. If you want to find out the rest of the important details, go here.

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